Exmoor Challenge 2003!!!

2 days of fun and games, broken CVs, door handle, mirrors, and an

awful lot of extra dents added to the 110s already impressive collection.

Photos by Tony and Val Cordell and Mark (M005) Hopkins

Day one, the start line. The V8s busted already!


Getting a bit airbourne


Tricky mud hole


CV goes TWANG! All hands to the spanners!


Dave/Mike land on their winch bumper with a wallop




A steep descent


It was a very cold night!


Tony scrambles out of a hole


Takes the paint off one side


Gets stuck


Picking the right line through a bog at the tenth attempt


110 to the rescue


Splash, water was low so speed was high, got to impress the tourists!


Maurice, glad of his good approach angle


All 4 wheels in the air, trying very hard


Oops, hit the tree!


110 needs rescuing!


Exmoor Quantock Challenge 2002

Read about it at - http://www.difflock.com/diffmag/issue16/exmoor_challenge/index.shtml

The magnificent 3 at the start of the first tricky ascent of the day

Me negotiating a tight corner

Scrumps wondering just how far you can tip a 90 and still keep all the tyres on the ground

Me playing in a quarry during a Special Stage

Winching Tonys Series One out of the same quarry just for the hell of it.

Scrumps washing his chassis at Tarr Steps

Me in the woods

Straightening things out a bit after Tony clobbered a tree due to an over heavy right foot!

Mark just about to get his winch out again…

Tonys heavy right foot again…

Me at Tarr Steps